30 Mar 2015

yummy tummy

When I was young I would sit on my mothers lap and just sit there and enjoy her breasts and tummy as these wonderful comfortable soft cushions. My mother had 5 children and for my father she was the most beautiful woman on earth. He would look at her and I could see the word 'yummy' all over his face.

In my high school class I was the skinny one but there would be girls with round hips, and lovely soft bellies looking absolutely sexy and other would already have breasts I could be deeply jealous of. As women we get many body images thrown at us. Images of what we should look like. We might want a Kim Kardashian or a J-Lo. Some yearn to look like a Victoria secrets model. And if I look at plus size models, they do not look plus size to me. We judge endlessly and with a very shallow attitude. It takes a healthy attitude to accept what you look like and if you do not, look at the whole package that you are. 

So if you have a wobbly belly, a flat tummy or a hanging one, just know it is a yummy tummy nevertheless. 


Lilian said...

as a Rubens woman, thank you for this post! ♥

Marquis Verlaine said...

For every tummy two pair of hands and two lips to cherish..