24 May 2015

room with a view

And I am to decide what the room looks like.

But there is beauty in every view I create. Every image, memory is tainted by how I see and perceive my own reality.
Even when I roam the internet, it is wonderful what I see. But also how the early morning light just came in today.
And all my memories and experiences I can use. 

And I give meaning to that reality.
In the end it is what I do with it.

And I realized this early morning
that I am so lucky to be able to be where I am.

So I am writing, an erotic novel in Dutch.
And it feels so darn good!


tori said...

Some beautiful views there.

The very best of luck with the novel, its great when one is feeling good about something.


ara said...

Thank Tori, yes it is. And it pushes me forward.