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A long time ago I had promised that I would write about the art of figging. But there was someone holding me back. Because I really wanted to experience the sensation before I would give out any information. Meester wouldn't let me experience it on my own or with Him on cam. He wanted to be sure I would be alright and I guess He simply wanted the enjoyment of watching me squirm under the sensation. Would I do it again? Yes, when ever He wishes I will yield and enjoy!

My experience

In my story 'plug' I wrote how I felt and experienced figging. Meester read my story and a few comments which I had totally forgotten. For one is that He told me that He spanked me hard on my butt. When He told I was so surprised because I really don't remember at all. The plug had already put me in subspace and as I had written, I was indeed floating on the burning sensation and didn't 'feel' apparantly the hard spanking.

I liked the feel of it and I really felt pinned down on the bed. That funny idea that if they would've picked me up I would've stayed in the same position. But I do like pain, I like to sink away in pain until I float in subspace. What I do remember is that my anus throbbed nicely afterwards for quite some. This nice pulsation that kept me on edge for quite some time and which has even effect while I am writing this. 

What is Figging? 

Figging is a sexual practice involving the insertion of a prepared "finger" of ginger root or even pepper into the anus. The burning sensation is said to induce intense pleasure. The technique is used by some practitioners of BDSM

The practice is sometimes said to have originated in a preparation technique for show horses, where an irritating "fig" would be inserted into their anus to induce them to hold their tail high. Others claim that Victorian corporal punishment methods sometimes involved figging to further humiliate and chastise the culprit, as well as preventing the clenching of the buttocks during caning, birching or flagellation.
Wikipedia definition

This is a real pleasure/pain activity. The "burning" sensation of the ginger combined with an enhancement of sexual stimulation can be a mind-blowing experience. If you are into orgasm denial for your sub then you'll enjoy hearing them begging for the release. It's important to remember to tie the sub down for this activity.


Figging, anal play (or torture) using ginger root, seems to be an art that is increasingly ignored. Maybe it's because there isn't enough information passed on about it or perhaps with the advent of fancy salves, chemicals and potions that can mimic ginger, lifestylers don't want to take the time needed to prepare for this activity. Either reason precludes a pleasurable and memorable experience. While there is still controversy as to the origins and reasons to figging, it is fairly well agreed upon that it dates back to the Victorian era. Mentions of figging can be found in some Victorian literature. Back in those days, the Victorians were a fairly bawdy, perverted, kinky bunch behind closed doors. Caning, a very popular form of punishment, especially for the female miscreant, was elevated to an art form itself. There is evidence that figging actually had its beginnings when ginger was used in a caning victim's anus to prevent her from clenching her buttocks during punishment. Clenching one's cheeks
while it hosts ginger causes an intense burning sensation

 Find a good piece of ginger in the local shop

 Cut off the to be left with right basic shape

 carefully peel until you are left with the right shape


make the shape of a ‘plug’


Inserting the Finger 

Now it's ready to insert. If you haven't already done so, position your sub bound, face down on the bed over a pillow. DO NOT use lube to insert the ginger finger. Lubricant acts as a sealant and prevents the ginger moisture from doing its thing. Instead, use the cold water to keep the finger wet. Slowly insert the finger into the sub's anus. DON'T RUSH HERE. TAKE YOUR TIME. Wet ginger is slick enough to slide in with care. When the anus finally opens and accepts the ginger, slide it in up the ring and let the sub close around it. The beauty of ginger is that it takes a little while for the effect to take place. Once it begins, it builds steadily. While you are waiting for the fun to begin, go and wash off your hands. You don't want to touch your eyes or your sub's eyes by accident with ginger on your hands. Now sit down in a comfy chair and enjoy the show. Most submissives will become rather vocal as the ginger works its magic.

Depending on the fortitude of the sub, the potency of the ginger and how much of a mindfuck you prologue with, the reactions will vary. 

To increase the effect, pinch your sub's buttocks together and hold them for a minute or two. This causes a big boost in burning sensation and if done every so often, keeps your sub awake.

Roll the sub onto her stomach so you can apply some spanking, flogging and/or caning. The sub will take a longer and harder beating just to gain some relief from the burn of the ginger. However she will, no doubt, regret this later after the effects of the ginger subside and she is left with the more enduring effects of a hard beating.

The effects of the ginger will last approximately twenty minutes or so, after which, the effects diminish rapidly. The nice thing about ginger is no matter how intense the effect on the sub, you won't hurt her/him and it is short-lived. Once the sensation ceases, remove the ginger and go about your other session business. Ginger also has a property that puts it far ahead of any ginger wannabe substance. The juice of the root has the ability to cause incredible horniness. The reaction is tenfold if the ginger juice comes in contact with the clit.  

Ginger and Pussy Torture 

Cut a small slice of ginger, making sure it has one flat side. Place this side directly onto the clit and hold it there. Depending on anatomy, some women will be able to retain the slice on their clit without assistance. The stimulation of the clit by the ginger juices magnifies the need for orgasm. Alternatively, slip a plug size piece just far enough inside the vagina to supply contact between the ginger juices and her own..which will flow more readily once the ginger is applied. After about 5-10 minutes you can remove the sliver from the clit and proceed with your pussy flogging or clamping etc.

You can also have the sub roll onto her stomach so you can apply some spanking, flogging and/or caning. The sub will take a longer and harder beating just to gain some relief from the effects of the ginger.

Ginger and CBT 

Ginger is dynamite for CBT. Cut a julienne slice of peeled ginger. It should be approximately 1/8-1/4 inch wide by at least 1 inch long. Make sure it is smooth and that the edges are rounded. Make sure your sub is tied down face up. Dip the ginger in water and slowly insert it into the urethra of the cock. Make sure you leave enough sticking out to be able to remove it easily. The effect of ginger in a cock is almost immediate and the sub will react quite vigorously. The burning is incredibly intense. If it become too much for your sub, remove the ginger and give him a minute's rest. When the ginger is removed, the burning sensation drops dramatically. You can place it back down the cock to resume the fun. Eventually, the sensation will wear off but not until the sub is spent.

Boosting Potency 

Now for a little technique that will turbocharge your ginger. Using your ginger soon after you buy it will assure potency. Storing ginger, unprotected, for long periods of time will rob it of its zip. However, if you have any ginger fingers left after playtime, place it in a sealed, plastic bag and place it in the veggie bin in the refrigerator. Now, like the ageing of fine wine, forget about it for a while. After a few days, check the ginger. If things are going well, the inside of the bag should have moisture on it. If a little mould has formed on the ginger, it's time for play. If not, put it back in the bin for another day or two and check it daily until mould forms. The mould is harmless and does not penetrate the tough, fibrous skin of the root. Peel and prepare the ginger as before and play as usual. But look out! The juice of the ginger has increased dramatically in potency. If you think you had a good time when the ginger was new, wait till you play now! Any unused ginger should be discarded at this point. 

(I would like to thank mcncirce and Master Michael for offering the best information found on  the web.)

Figging going wrong

So what happens if figging goes wrong? And that in the sense that gingerfingers disppears into the anus and cannot be retreived. This happened at a shoot of the porno producers of Kink with a girl called Mason. The, at least for me it was, amusing story can be seen on the following link to the American spanking society. They have also given the link to the interview with the lovely Mason.

Nevertheless... be careful always with what you do!


self bondage

After reading the story 'Cold as Ice' in voice in second life, we had a talk about things you can easily do yourself or use at home with BDSM or just to have some sexual fun. Hereby a graphic manual for doing a selfbondage.
And do make the knots at certain area's..... which is lovely while wearing it.

Please all do enjoy,
I know it feels lovely;-)


How to make an ice dildo

After writing the story I thought I needed to find a good and simple example to make one. And simple it is, as is shown here. You can create your own sex toys made of ice just by using unlubricated condoms, water, and some ingenuity.

Start with the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels. With a pair of scissors, cut the tube lengthwise. Roll the tube to the diameter you'd like the finished dildo to be, and wrap tape around it to hold it at that size. Take a condom and put it into the top of the cardboard tube, and then overlap the top half inch or so of the condom around the edge of the tube.

You can use a lubricated or unlubricated condom. If you use a lubricated condom, avoid spermicidally lubricated ones, because the spermicidal lubricant can get funky when it freezes.  Carefully fill the condom to the top with water. Stand the tube upright in the freezer, and wait a few hours.

In a few hours, the water will freeze. Remove the tube from the freezer. Carefully lift the top edge of the condom from around the tube and tie it in a knot to keep the water from leaking out as the ice melts. Then cut the tape, holding the tube closed and remove the ice dildo.

Remember, always run the ice dildo under cool water before you use it. This removes any frost from its surface and starts the outer edge of the ice melting. You don't want to use ice internally untill it has started to melt and has a thin layer of water on its surface, or the ice may freeze to your skin. 
Want your ice cubes or ice dildos to look better? If you boil water and then let it cool before freezing it, the ice will be transparent rather than cloudy. Cloudiness in ice cubes is the result of dissolved air in the water, which is displaced and forms thousands of tiny bubbles when the water freezes. Boiling the water drives out the dissolved air, which produces ice that is transparent when it freezes.

Have fun!

 (Thanks to the following blog: http://tacit.livejournal.com/208807.html)


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